SALIC Employees Celebrates the Founding Day
Feb 22, 2023

The Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) celebrated on Tuesday,  21st Feb 2023, the anniversary of the founding of the First Saudi State “Founding Day” amidst an atmosphere dominated by feelings of belonging and pride in the Countless achievements to the many championships and accomplishments of the Country spanning over three centuries.  

On this occasion, SALIC’s CEO, Eng/Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman Alrumaih, emphasized the significance of the Founding Day in reinforcing the values of pride, interdependence, authenticity, and generosity that have guided the Kingdom for over three centuries. He also noted that this day provides an opportunity to reflect on the many achievements that have elevated the country’s status and prestige and to renew their commitment to continuing this march towards glory and pride with the unlimited support of the wise leadership across various political, economic, cultural, and social levels. 

 SALIC’s celebration included many activities related to the culture of the different regions and highlighting their heritage and traditions to enhance the concept of the Founding Day, which carries substantial meanings associated with the antiquity of this land.