SALIC held its communication gathering for the fourth quarter of 2022
Dec 18, 2022

The Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company “SALIC” today Sunday 18th December, 2022 has held SALIC family communication gathering for the last quarter of 2022 in the presence of the CEO Eng. Sulaiman Al-Rumaih.

The gathering included various presentations, and the most prominent of which was the foreign investment sector’s talk about the latest acquisitions by SALIC, such as SALIC’s acquisition of 9.2% of the Indian company LT Foods, that specializing in production of basmati rice, which came after its acquisition of 30% of the Indian Da’awat Company, which is considered as one of the manufacturing and supplying arms for LT Foods Company, as well as the acquisition of SALIC and Minerva Foods Company of the Australian lamb meat company ALC through Minerva Australian Foods, which had been established in partnership between SALIC and Minerva Foods.

The gathering also included a speech by the local investment department about the role of the “SALIC’s” strategy with the private sector, as these updates coming with the aim of enhancing the communication and involving employees with all developments and achievements of the company.

The gathering concluded with an entertainment interval for the employees, among that the Arabic calligraphy event that coincided with the International Day of the Arabic Language, and the final match event of the World Cup, along with other activities that gathered all employees within one family atmosphere.