“SALIC” participates in the extraordinary meeting for Gulf food security
May 24, 2022

The  Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) participated in the extraordinary meeting  of the undersecretaries of the ministries concerned with agriculture and food security in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the agricultural and food companies affiliated to the governmental sovereign funds in the countries of the Cooperation Council of the Arabian Gulf States,  in order to discuss the effects of the food crisis on global food security and supply chains.


In his interventions to him during the meeting, the CEO of SALIC, Eng. Suleiman Al-Rumaih, introduced the role that designated  to the company and its investment strategy, which depends on diversifying the sources of basic food commodities in countries with comparative advantage, Al-Rumaih confirmed that SALIC is operating  according to the concept of sustainability through long-term investment.  Al-Rumaih welcomed the joint cooperation with the relevant authorities in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to contribute to achieving and enhancing food security in the region.


The Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, hosted in Riyadh on Monday, May 23, 2022, the extraordinary meeting that discussed the current situation of food security in the region and the challenges facing the GCC countries in view of the continuing crisis, especially the prices of basic food commodities such as wheat, barley, corn and sunflower oil.  The participants stressed on the necessity of the GCC countries’ integration and bloc to confront the looming challenges in the field of food security, with the need to activate, support and motivate the private sector to play its role in mitigating the expected effects of the current crisis.

At the conclusion of the meeting,  the participants recommended a number of recommendations, including the formation of a working groups with the participation of CEOs or decision-makers in governmental, or semi-governmental companies concerned with food and the General Secretariat to develop specific procedures and measures to enhance cooperation and coordination in the field of food security for the GCC countries, and securing the supply chains.  The participants in the meeting welcomed  SALIC’s Company invitation to held the first meeting of the working groups that intended to be hosted in Riyadh city.