SALIC Shipment from Ukraine Arrives at Islamic Port of Jeddah
Sep 28, 2020

The Saudi Company for Agricultural Investment and Animal Production (SALIC), which is owned by the Public Investment Fund, said that the ship carrying around 60,000 tons of wheat from the Republic of Ukraine has reached the Islamic port of Jeddah, successfully passed all testing samples, and is being unloaded by SALIC for the first time after SAGO’s decision to permit the company to import wheat from its farms as part of the program to support agricultural investments abroad and ensure food security in the Kingdom.
The wheat shipment, which was received by a number of SALIC officials and SAGO on Monday, September 28, 2020, departed from the Ukrainian city of Odessa through The Continental Farmers company owned by SALIC who seeks to supply the Kingdom with more wheat and grains through its multiple investments in Ukraine, Australia, and Canada.
It is worth noting that The Republic of Ukraine produces 28 million tons of wheat annually, consumes 8 million tons, and exports 20 million tons, while the Kingdom’s annual wheat consumption is 3.5 million tons, equivalent to 17% of Ukraine’s export volume.