The Saudi Agriculture and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) was established by Royal Decree No. M / 22 dated 4/18/1430 AH corresponding to 4/14/2009 AD as a Saudi joint-stock company owned by the Public Investment Fund. Its doctrine stipulates that all its investment activities should be both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to achieve a food security strategy by providing food products and stabilizing their prices. This is done through establishing subsidiary companies or through national, regional, and international partnerships.

SALIC began its investments in 2012 AD with various international companies specialized in the fields of agriculture and the trading of grains, rice, and meat in various countries such as Ukraine, Canada, India, Australia, Brazil, and The United Kingdom. In the year 2020 AD during the Coronavirus pandemic, SALIC established the National Company for Grains through a strategic partnership with Al-Bahri Company to establish the Yanbah grain station. The first shipment of wheat was received as a result of its investments in Ukraine with 64 thousand tons of high-quality wheat, in addition to supplying other basic commodities such as eggs, onions, and red meat, all while contributing to the stability of their prices.

In the future, SALIC aims to supply greater quantities of commodities through its foreign investments and increase the operational efficiency of existing investments, in addition to building on existing relationships with leading international companies in the field of grains and food processing. The company also intends to expand its local and international investments according to its strategy, including investments in agricultural technologies that aim to rationalize water usage, raise production efficiency, and preserve the environment.

To be a leading global food security company focused on sustainable agribusiness investment.
Develop a responsible and sustainable investment portfolio contributing to the global food security.
Core Values
We aspire to be a world-class leading company through promoting leadership and teamwork at all levels.
We trust each other to achieve SALIC's strategy.
We behave with integrity and respect.
We adhere to the highest professional standards in our performance
We take pride in conducting our business with responsibility and accountability.
We eagerly seek ways to innovate new ideas competitively.

Members of BoD

Mr. Waleed Ibrahim Shukri

Vice Chairman

His Excellency/Eng. Ahmad Abdulaziz AlFares

Member of BoD

Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman AlShwer

Member of BoD

Mr. Yasir Abdullah AlSalman

Member of BoD

Mr. Faisal Ibrahim AlSuwailem

Member of BoD

Mr. David White

Member of Bod

Mr. Ronald Kers

Member of Bod

SALIC Group CEO Message

Eng. Sulaiman Al Rumaih


SALIC leads a pioneering direction in the field of agricultural investment and animal production in cooperation with local and international partners and. Based on its role in contributing to the achievement of the food security strategy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SALIC works on building successful agricultural, commercial, and logistical investments that achieve remunerative returns in regions and countries that have a comparative advantage in order to cover united supply chains.

SALIC is fully committed to high professional values ​​and governance rules that guide its business and constitute an essential stream of sustainability and continuous growth. Thus, we ensure our partners our continuous efforts in order for the company to seize a global position and achieve common goals.


Eng. Sulaiman AlRumaih

Executive Management

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