“Minerva Foods Australia” markets its lamb meat in Riyadh
Mar 6, 2024

Minerva Foods Australia, an investment of SALIC, in association with Meat & Livestock Association, Australia (MLA) organized an event to market its products of chilled and frozen lamb meat on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at one of the hotels restaurants in Riyadh city, in the presence of representatives from the Australian Embassy in the Kingdom and several interested companies.

The event hosted some celebrity chefs to present various methods of preparing and cooking lamb meat, starting from skinning and cutting according to the type of dietary meal. The lamb meat was also prepared in a way that complements different local popular dishes.

It is noted that Minerva Foods Australia is a joint venture established in 2021 between SALIC and Minerva Foods Brazil, with SALIC owning a 35% share of the project. The venture produces more than one million heads of cattle annually and aims to produce and market meat to local markets and export to international markets.