SALIC holds a “Founding Day” event
Feb 25, 2024

SALIC, one of the companies of the Public Investment Fund, held an internal event on the occasion of Founding Day at the company’s headquarters on Sunday, February 25, 2024, with the attendance of all its staff.

The acting CEO, Mr. Mohammed Al-Moussa, delivered a speech in which he emphasized that Founding Day is an occasion that reaffirms our roots, historical depth, and unique identity. He pointed out that the story of building this generous nation is chapters of struggle, determination, and perseverance. It calls for reflection on the blessing of belonging and motivates further efforts in work and diligence so that our nation always enjoys prosperity and growth.

The event featured various corners that narrated the reality of the past three centuries and embodied the form of ancient life, such as tents, camels, falcons, in addition to classic cars as traditional historical means of transport. At the end of the event, the Saudi Ardah was performed, followed by a lunch that represented all types of food dishes from regions of the Kingdom.