SALIC wins a tender to supply 355 thousand tons of wheat to the Kingdom 
Jun 19, 2023

“SALIC” Company, one of the Public Investment Fund’s subsidiaries, has won the tender for the first batch of 2023, offered by the General Food Security Authority (GFSA) for supplying 355,000 tons of wheat. The specified quantity will arrive divided into 6 shipments to the local ports, during August – December 2023. 

Furthermore, the quantity that SALIC will supply from its foreign investments comes within the program to encourage and support Saudi investors abroad, which includes diversifying wheat purchasing sources, enhancing food security in the Kingdom, and supporting the strategic stocks of basic food commodities. 

It’s noteworthy that “SALIC” has supplied more than 1.2 million tons of strategic commodities in 2022, directly supplied 720,000 tons of wheat which represents 20% of the Kingdom’s annual purchase after winning tenders launched by the General Food Security Authority as part of a program to encourage and support Saudi investors abroad in diversifying sources of wheat purchasing to enhance food security in the Kingdom. SALIC also mentioned that it indirectly supplied more than 300,000 tons of wheat, 120,000 tons of barley, 70,000 tons of soybeans, 12,000 tons of red meat, and 11,000 tons of rice.